Paragon Sea

by Paragon Sea

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released June 19, 2019

Written and produced by Jon Rees
Artwork by Krystian Taylor
Mastered by Optimum Mastering


all rights reserved



Paragon Sea Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Summer
Mosquito sunshine
It's a slowing of your tired limbs
A film and a cinema
Grainy and Super 8 lines

There's nowhere to go
There's no one to leave
To exist in the countryside
With the ones you love

Sun sets and we're done
We are wrapped in a blanket of breeze
The warmth we can generate
Alone and relieved just to be here
Track Name: I See Devils
I don't feel
Connected to the worlds that I should be securely tethered to
There's a sound
Expanding slowly taking speech and meaning from us all
And everything we know

What use is believing in intrinsic beauty and the human heart?

Don't be alone.
Track Name: Never Let Go
If I could run to the end of every path
There would be no way to lose time
I'd take you through all the houses that I found
Hide and sleep beside the fires

And I want to know that I will never let go
We'll take our time, we'll be where we should always be

I would like to lie surrounded by the sound
Of saltwater in a seashell
All the past abandoned and forgotten

And I want to know that I will never let go
We'll take our time, we'll be where we should always be
We're so fast to drown, we're so fast to run down
Seems that I could change all those dreams to dust
Track Name: Paragon One
In sunlight, I can see out, I can feel shame
Slips away, as if I was old, losing my grip

What do you expect to see, surrounded by waves?

Outside the car, something is gone

What do you expect to see, surrounded by waves?

Still fighting all of this
Keeps up the dance
Stays in touch with friends
Track Name: Silence In The Glade
Silence in the glade
Walking through the mess we made
I'm in a cinema
Track Name: To The Forests
I need to hear that sound again
To be wrapped in those nights
With you all

And if I reclaim those times
To bring that peace to you?

It's a taste that I have lost, I know
We could be stronger than the sea

And if I reclaim what's gone
Would that bring a peace to you?

To the end of our time spent drifting
To the woods, to the forests, to the fields
To our love and good fortune forever
To you, to me, to us
Track Name: The Need To Run
So we can't get at what we need
Where have we been looking?
On our backs out in the sun
Cadavers left to dry

Kindness will exist, somewhere, I know
And we have lost the need to connect
To connect, to be one

The need to run
And to keep running
And be chased down
Feeling greed
Signal out
Signal to the end
Clockwork days
Rage away
It'll drain you anyway
On our knees
Stifling heat
A day of reckoning
Track Name: Sleep
To the night time
And the things that run through your mind
When defences are low and your conscience won't let go of you
So, you are underneath memories you cannot resolve or silence
It's time for sleep

In the night time
All the things that run through your mind
When defences are low
Track Name: All Under Impassive Skies
Seems overbearing that it should last so long
In the river you're underneath
Weight of expectation holds you under the waves
Like a strong grip on the back your neck

Any old traffic - it just gets in your way
Lights hold you distilled and sad
Grasping for a purchase on anything you've loved
Underwater - you're underwater and lost

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